An odyssey through the Arts - Company Message
What do you do when all your dreams come true?
How do you explore?
Is art an experience or just a collection of thoughts in time?
Where does this path and journey lead to...
The insight between nature, faith and humanity is a life-long discovery. Our perceptions of the natural world and our role within it, are interesting concepts to explore in flowing brushstrokes. Anum’s art and curiosities relates to exploring, dreaming and discovering the world around us, educating ourselves with inner insights enlightened with natural perspectives. The mediums utilised are a mix of acrylic, oils and gouache in fluid movements, to enable a holistic art experience.
anum farooq
© Anum Farooq
Anum Farooq is a Biochemistry with Management graduate from Imperial College London, whilst completing a History of Art short course at UCL. Based in London, Anum Farooq is a teacher combining the Sciences and the Arts, as well as holding a capacity as a Mentor. She is involved in the Arts, and is interested in exploring the links between art, education, nature, architecture and culture. 
Anum paints using mixed media, her creative interests also extend to poetry and inspirational writing forms. Anum began writing poetry since the age of twelve, initially to reflect upon her curiosities and the world around her, progressing to further explorations within the creative arts in an autodidactic manner.
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